About Us

Angola Investment Links Ltd is a private Limited Liability Company, registered in the UK. It is an International Investment Promotion firm based in London (UK), with a satellite office in Luanda (Angola), a firm strategically positioned to showcase Angola’s wealth of business opportunities to the global investor community.


Telling the Angola story to attract the right kind of foreign investment, and showcasing the uniqueness of the nation to the world.


Connect with Angolan nationals, non-Angolans and corporate entities around the world, to promote the investment opportunities in Angola, link them up with the relevant organisations and facilitate their successful participation in the socio-economic development drive of the nation.

The firm’s main activity is to work with Angolan citizens in the diaspora, relevant international trade organisations, private and foreign investors, financial institutions and individuals looking for investment opportunities in Angola and the sub Saharan African region. The firm is also focussed on delivering sustainable investment initiatives and building partnerships with government and local firms to help facilitate the government’s public-private partnership (PPP) initiatives.

Angola Investment Links Ltd core drive is to sell the idea of the ‘new Angola’ and the progressive leadership to the world as a safe haven for foreign and private investors to take advantage of the vast economic potential in all sectors of the economy to invest for sustainable growth and development.

Angola is at its best and the time to invest is now!



The firm is managed by the founder and CEO – Ms Maria Santana with a core staff based in both London and Luanda offices, who together bring on board relevant management experience to help drive the vision of the organisation forward.

The CEO reports to the Board of Directors, drawn from all sectors of the economy with requisite in-depth knowledge of the economy, relevant experience and a solid network of strategic contacts ready to help investors settle and do business at the highest level in Angola.


Angola is the 22nd biggest country in the world, the 4th biggest economy in Africa, and the 2nd biggest Oil producer in Africa, with an average GDP growth rate of 11.1% in the first decade of the century. Angola is also the third major financial market in Africa South of the Sahara, with active stocks of USD 70 billion, only second to Nigeria and South Africa.

Angola was under colonial rule until November 11, 1975, date on which it became an independent nation. It has a population of 22.14 million (Source: The World Bank, 2014), with the nation’s capital, Luanda alone, a home to over 5million inhabitants.