Strategic Investing
For Wealth Creation and Development

Welcome to Angola Investment Links Ltd.

This is where we introduce you to all of Angola’s vast wealth of opportunities and platform for strategic investors from around the world, seeking appropriate return on their investment, whiles contributing to the socio-economic wellbeing of the nation.

Angola is one of Africa’s fastest growing economies with an average GDP growth rate of 11.1% in the first decade of the century. It is a market with significant opportunities for investors across all sectors of the economy. Angola is the twenty second biggest country in the world, the fourth biggest economy in Africa, and the second biggest oil producer in Africa with production figures of about 2 million barrels per day. The per capita income reached USD$6,000 in 2013, which places the country in the group of the mid income economies, according to the World Bank.

Angola is also the third major financial market in Africa South of the Sahara, with active stocks of USD 70 billion, only second to Nigeria and South Africa.

Angola offers you the rich diversity of the African experience in a unique way. The new post war Angola is a country on a renewed course of socio-economic development drive, with fresh perspective and approach to doing business at all levels, opening its doors for private and foreign investment.

The story of this beautiful and diverse nation is a remarkable one, offering strong economic case and potential to investors as it marks a new era in public-private partnership initiatives and programs.

Angola Investment Links Ltd. is here to help you the investor and corporate entities, fully understand and navigate the potential opportunities available to you in Angola; introduce you to the country, stakeholders, strategic persons and institutions in the land; and offer you personalised ‘Business Settlement Services’ in helping you invest and/or set up your business in the country.

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